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Formerly known as Salur Tenaga Sdn. Bhd., Anzeco Powertech is a corporation with a mission to specifically assist major power producers and companies to overcome power demands. This solution provides services that bring relief in any power conflict or any power demand and situation, in which could prove vital in an organization, production or event.

In order to keep up with the ever changing current flow of technology and improvements, Anzeco Powertech runs on the latest technology on generators, described as “Quieter is Better”. These refers to the less noise producing generator sets compared to their predecessors, as the sound-attenuated generator sets provided by us.

Our professional services improvise on the platform of “Power-On-Demand”, which means that we are capable of carrying out task according to our clients’ requirements. These are made possible by our existing units of sound-attenuated generator sets, in which it ranges from 100kVA to 1000kVA, improving the flexibility of our services.

Anzeco Powertech Sdn. Bhd. delivers Power-On-Demand solution for any type of needs and situations, the following are the perfect example of the need of temporary power:

  • As back up power for planned and scheduled maintenance shutdowns.
  • As the prime or back-up power for usage of special events.
  • As generator power for construction job sites.
  • Alternative power systems for emergency situations.
  • As prime or back-up power generation for industrial or agricultural purposes

Our Power-On-Demand professional team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in devising an optimized rental power generation solutions for your applications. This team of technical assistants will provide you full length of situation handling and maintenance in line to keep your requirements and need of power in order. On top of this, we operate a 24 hours help line service, in which could be pivotal when the situation necessitate in an unexpected time. All these are to ensure our clients are able to receive the services in concurrence of our motto “Power-On-Demand”.

In every step of the process in our service, quality assurance is emphasized, whether it is system design, power delivery or even supervision. This is vital as the outcome of each service is two-fold, in which it reflects on our clients’ performance as the resultant of what we provide.

Rest assured that Anzeco Powertech is capable to meet your power demand in any sort of situation that you demand it.


In the industry of providing temporary power, it is seen that the need of power varies according to the application and situation. The power in need is based on the actions to be performed, and because of this, Anzeco Powertech comes up with “Power-On-Demand”, a rental power solution that is capable to meet any power demand. This is coupled by our highly trained and experienced team of technical assistants, to provide our clients the utmost service and to maximize our clients’ outcome.

Anzeco Powertech’s Power-On-Demand solution provides the finest service in order to meet power demand in various fields, as follows:

  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipping
  • Events

Our fully capable equipment and manpower are ever ready to operate to the fullest in order to meet your demands.


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